Frequently Asked Questions

How are the school kits packaged?

Kits are packed in a durable keep-sake box.

What goes in the school kits?

Kits are customized to the teacer's supply list.  Kits contain quality products and name brands customized to the grade level supply list.

Can my school use this service?

Kits are shipped throughout the contiguous 48 United States.

Who will organize this type of program at my school?

Typically a member from a parent organization organizes the school kits program. However, a principal, office staff or other volunteer can also organize the program.

How can my school get involved?

Call us at 1-844-YES-KITZ (1-844-937-5489) or e-mail

How do parents order kits?

Parents order the kits two ways:

1)  Take-home order form - Customized order forms are sent home with the students. If parents choose to order, the parents send the completed order form back to the school with a check made payable to Bright School Kitz. When all orders have been collected, the program organizer mails the forms and checks to Bright School Kitz.

2)  Online at - Orders are placed online via credit card and are processed directly to Bright School Kitz.

Is your website secure?


Do you sell my name & child’s information?

No! We adhere to a strict privacy policy.

Are your prices competitive?

Yes, we are competitively priced against local retailers, especially when considering the gas and time saved.

How long does it take to collect orders?

Marketing and order collection typically takes 2-4 weeks.  

Is there a deadline for ordering kits?

The deadline will vary depending on the kit production schedule and we will do our best to keep orders open as long as possible into the summer months.  However, parents can take advantage of the early order discount if they get their order placed before the last day of school.

How and when are kits distributed to the students?

We deliver the kits on the day requested by the school program organizer.  We recommend 5-7 days prior to the start of school. School kits are distributed to the students at a back to school event or are placed in the classrooms for the first day of school. Each box is labeled with the students name and grade level for easy assortment.

Can the school sell kits a few days before school starts for new families?

Schools can order a few extra kits by grade level that can be sold at an event at the beginning of the school year. If the kits aren’t sold, the supplies can be used by the school during the school year when students and teachers start running out.

Are there minimum order quantities?

There is no financial risk to the school and no minimum order quantities.

Are there shipping charges?